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"My mobile phone without stress"



The risk of data loss, lack of awareness of data security.



We would like to allow users to take advantage of our experience of monitoring data security and offer you application on Android smartphones.











About the Project

The project is guided by the idea LeanStartup (Originally developed by Eric Ries) and RunningLean (described by Ash Maurya). Used in this project Kanban project management methodology.


About the Author

Author has been feverishly gaining experience for 9 years as Software Engeneer. During this period has designed a embedded software, mobile software, libraries, security tools for web site, security solutions for enterprise application and server services.

He's currently working in a large group of engineers in the Scrum and developed Kanban methodology.


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Our Mission

 Make Creatively Automatically and Intelligently


To define a easy to use solution to make smart brain - your smart automatic software.


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